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Ladder rules

Game rules

  • A game is a competitive meeting between two players.
  • The players agree on the game rules before starting the game. There are no official rules imposed by Friendforsport.
  • A game can be part of a longer meeting, not played in a competitive spirit.
  • There are no tight game.

Point calculation

  • One of the player has to enter the result of the game in the system. The second player has to validate the results within 7 days after the game.
  • The points are calculated based on the ladder on the day of the calculation, not on the day of the game.
  • The game winner earns 5% of his opponent points.
  • The game looser loose 5% of his points.
  • Initial points are attributed to the players based on their estimated level.
  • When the two players have less than 49.9 points, bonus points are added to the game winner. The bonus points are added in function of the points of the best player :
    • from 0.0 to 9.9 points : 5.0 bonus points
    • from 10.0 to 19.9 points : 4.0 bonus points
    • from 20.0 to 29.9 points : 3.0 bonus points
    • from 30.0 to 39.9 points : 2.0 bonus points
    • from 40.0 to 49.9 points : 1.0 bonus points
  • The points are added to the ladder 7 days after the game.
  • If a player plays more than one game in a day the points are calculated in the order of the game results creation.


  • In case of unfair behaviour, the Friendforsport team will withdraw points from the player or even suspend his account.